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Whale watching Last Season
I took a trip with 2 operators last year, my first choice was to use one of the Hermanus boats because we was staying in Hermanus.

Disappointed is the only word I can use, we was taken out in condition which were far from idea, and I felt robbed of our money, the large boat rocked around quite a bit and was packed with passengers, my daughter ended up getting sick at the sight of other passenger getting sick.

We then decided to try Ivanhoe Sea Safaris - I was told the day we went out on the Hermanus Boat - Ivanhoe was closed, they don't go out in poor conditions - We did have much better conditions with Ivanhoe, but it was not just the weather that convinced me we had made a more wise choice taking the journey round the coast to Gansbaai - The crew made my family feel so comfortable from the start, extremely friendly and the knowledge and person interaction we got from the crew as fantastic!

Ivanhoe only allow a max of 25 people on the boat and it was almost full on the trip, but we had plenty of room to move around. We were asked to take our seat when traveling between whale groups and then invited up to the front of the boat when the skipper cut engines as we was close to whales.

There we was supper impressed again, the boat stop enough distance from the whales so not to interrupt them but close enough that our standard zoom camera could get some nice shots. We got even more lucky, it was like the whales new this boat, Jason the skipper was giving a whistle to the whales and they came even closer, almost next to the boat and took a good look at us.

Chalk and Cheese the two experiences, Ivanhoe cost more and was 30mins drive round the coast, but we had traveled from afar and it was a small price to pay for a completely contrasting experience!

Make the extra effort and go to Gansbaai - Ivanhoe set the bar at levels I would say can't be reached on the bigger Hermanus boats!

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